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Jenny Rockwell
1/11/2013 09:49:42

I am one of the Children's Librarians at the Richmond Branch Librarian. I would like to be able to post information about programs for youth at the library to inform parents. Thanks!

5/7/2013 17:01:32

Thanks Jenny for your efforts! I think you will be enjoying your job so much! It is a nice feeling to be with children! Someone has told that “child is the father of the man”. Everyone has a lot of things to learn from them! Personally, I think it is the best job we can find! It will keep us always young!


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9/5/2013 11:01:17

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2/7/2014 15:08:48

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2/16/2014 20:12:20

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5/13/2014 17:08:13

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5/16/2014 22:11:14

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3/9/2015 09:11:03

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