Third graders have wonderful news!  Thanks to the nomination letters of our third grade parents and the third graders...Mr. Richard Illig has been honored as the TEACHER OF THE MONTH at 826 Valencia.  You can read all about him on their newsletter on the internet.
He is honored for his work not only in the classroom, but for all the other community work he has done for Sutro School.  There's Coastal Clean up Day, Family play days, bike to school day, nutrition/physical education teacher leader and of course our Sutro garden and composting program.
Congratulations to you and thank you Mr. Illig for all your hard work.  You really deserve this award.
David Illig
5/13/2010 09:46:03


Always great to hear that the family is doing exceptionally well.

Our best to Marilyn.

Say hello to Daniel for us.

10/26/2011 18:03:30

Good Job, Richard! You're terrific.
(Still teaching, 4th grade)

7/12/2012 20:14:29

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